git-annex: multiple web remotes?

Olaf TNSB still.another.person at
Wed Dec 28 07:46:17 CET 2011

Hi joeyh and other annex-types,

I've got a couple of questions regarding the web special remote in

Firstly, I was wondering if it was possible(*), or too technically
difficult(!), to have multiple web remotes for files in an annex. For
example, I can find a few different links for Graham's 'On Lisp' and I'd
like to have my X local copies in annexes and also a couple of URLs for the
book in my annex.

Second question, & it's probably a RTFM, how do I find out what URL is
associated with a file?  'git annex whereis' only tells me 'web'
as the annex location.

Thanks for any help,


(*) Yeah, I know I can submit a patch, but I have enough trouble
_compiling_ git-annex, so hacking in Haskell is a bridge too far
currently!  ;)

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