thanks, and season's greetings

Adam Spiers vcs-home at
Sat Dec 24 03:47:55 CET 2011

I've spent virtually the whole of the last two days importing two
enormous directory hierarchies into git-annex - one for my camera
photos/videos, and another for all my music-related files.  It took
that long partially due to the learning curve, but mainly due to
having to manually decide which files to annex, which files to commit
as normal, and which to ignore/delete.

As a result, I've transitioned from git-annex newbie to having a
reasonable understanding of it, and I have to say I'm full of
admiration for the design and implementation of this beast.  It's
almost exactly what I have been wanting for several years, and I
expect it will make my life a lot easier from now on, as well as keep
my data safer.

Many thanks Joey, and happy $preferred_seasonal_event to everyone!


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