Is there any interest in a patchset for mr to manage which repos are being handled?

Richard Hartmann richih.mailinglist at
Mon Dec 12 01:28:18 CET 2011

Hi all,

the subject line may be a bit convoluted, but it's just what I meant.

To make a short story somewhat longer, my setup looks like this:

% cat .mrconfig
git_gc = git gc "$@"
jobs = 5
include = cat /usr/share/mr/vcsh
include = cat ~/.config/mr/config.d/*
% ls .config/mr/available.d
foo bar baz
% ls -l .config/mr/config.d
foo -> ../available.d/foo
bar -> ../available.d/bar

So I only have foo & bar activated on this machine, baz is not checked
out. I may not want to have your ssh config on a semi-trusted machine,
my mplayer config on a server, etc.

I would like to handle the local repo set via mr and not by manually
using ln & rm. Thus, I would like to patch mr to do this, but only if
there is any interest and if Joey is OK with actually merging them.
As I know several other people are using my directory layout, I
suspect there is some interest, but it's always good to get direct

My proposed syntax would be

% mr list #lists all repos; maybe list-all or list all, instead
+  foo
+  bar
% mr list-enabled # or list enabled
% mr list-disabled # or list disabled
% mr enable <repo>
% mr disable <repo>

$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mr/config.d/ would be the default, but configurable.


PS: It might make sense to use enabled.d instead of config.d. The
advantage of config.d is that it does not imply a mechanism to
enable/disable, the advantage of enabled.d is that it's a more fitting
name if this scheme is generally adopted.

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