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Joey Hess joey at
Mon Dec 5 21:16:00 CET 2011

Joey Hess wrote:
> It could well not be. mr list -j 10 runs in the same time as mr list -j 1,
> suggesting the overhead is in something else than actually running the
> shell.

Whoops, bad benchmark, -j comes before action.

Anyway, yes, without any calls to system(), mr list takes just 0.35 seconds.
Those calls are:

    169 mr list: running >>set -e;  # actual list command
    118 mr skip: running vcs test >> # 
     55 mr list: running skip test >>set -e;
     50 mr deleted: running vcs test >>

(Note that the vcs test is split between skip and deleted, but
if those features are removed, the actual list command would
trigger the same test, so those don't add overhead.)

Moving the git_test etc into perl code would be one way to speed it up
for the common case. Adding a special case optimisation to avoid the shell
for "true" and "false" brings mr list down from 8.50 to 1.81 seconds.
The remaining time is here spent running skip tests, I have a lot. Probably
looking at sub-1-second times for most people.

see shy jo
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