using git to version large files w/o checking them in

Joey Hess joey at
Thu Sep 30 06:27:51 CEST 2010

My pain point for checking files into git is around 64 mb, and it's
partly a disk-space based pain, so stuff like bup or git large file
patches don't help much. So despite having multi-gb git repos,
I still have no way to version ie, videos.

It occurs to me that I'd be reasonably happy with something that let me
manage the filenames (and possibly in some cases content checksums) of
large files without actually storing their content in .git/.
So I could delete files, move them around, rename them, and add new
ones, and commit the changes (plus take some other action to transfer
file contents) to propigate those actions to other checkouts.

Does anyone know of any tools in that space?

see shy jo
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