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On Wed, 20 Oct 2010, Joey Hess wrote:
> Yes, I think so. The key-value backend could be used to get those files
> from a centralized place, too, rather than from other git-annex
> repositories. For example, the URL backend could be used to pull them
> from a web server on the intranet.
yeah -- it sounds really nice ;)

one issue I have discovered which seems to complicate such use case:
git-annex seems to not track the content to any degree assuming
that those data files are really immutable.  Although it is not
common, our data files might change, and it seems there is no way in
annex to track multiple "blobs" for the same filename?

Example: I wiped out a content of a while, but its symlink is static:

UTF-8-demo.txt -> .git/annex/WORM:1136494195:14052:UTF-8-demo.txt

annex filename does not include a shasum of the file, corresponding
git-annex/....log has no shasum either, so there is no way to
determine that file got changed...

may be target filename could also contain a shasum or it could become a
part of an information record in corresponding git-annex/...log ,
so that if I alter a file and run

git annex fix UTF-8-demo.txt

it would adjust the symlink (or just a field in .log) to point to
a new annex, meanwhile dropping the original one?

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