Preserving timestamps with git

Olaf TNSB still.another.person at
Sat May 29 09:09:43 CEST 2010

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 10:45 PM, Jakob Voss <jakob.voss at> wrote:
> In my homedir I have a "mypub" directory/repository with lots of publications (presentations, articles, drafts etc.) that I created and partly published over the years[*]. I frequently look up old drafts and publications and sometimes I continue working on a text after month or years. Therefore I'd like to track when I created and modified which document.

I understand - I do the same, but I find that git log (or equivalent
in other vcs) gives me that level of detail without having to worry
about preserving timestamps.  One accidental 'cp' without the '-p'
flag and you lose the level of clarity - which was one of the reasons
I started to move (almost) everything into a repo.  All you need to do
is remember to check in early and often (to paraphrase Linus).  I
don't want to seem dismissive of your reasons, I just think that you
get the information you are looking for already for free.

> As I only track my own files I do not need to preserve ownership and the default permission should be 027 (u=rwx,g=rx,o=) for all my files. There is only a problem with files that should be readable by anyone (or the other way you make all files publicly readable and must treat the private files in a special way). Versioning public_html is also a problem because files must be readable by www-data (and some also writable) - is this where you use metastore for?

I'm not using metastore, so I can't help you.  I'm in the process of
moving my homedir over from a Joey Hess style "svnfix" approach.  I am
using git for the majority of my work, but it takes time to shift
everything over when there is always something more exciting to do...
It seems I'm not alone as this post(*) from one of the member of this
list rings so true for me...

Good luck with finding a solution and please post it back here - I've
found a whole lot of good info lurking on/watching this list.  :-)


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