Managing detached worktrees with magit.el

Stefan Kangas skangas at
Sun Feb 14 18:46:52 CET 2010


I manage my home using git and detached worktrees.  This practice has
been described by others on this list and does not need repeating.

As many other Emacs users, I try to live in Emacs as much as possible.
To that end, I've been working on making magit.el handle these detached
worktrees.  The result can be seen at:

Alternatively, you can clone it using:

git clone git://

Any comments, suggestions or criticism would be much appreciated.
Eventually, I would like to request this code to be merged into mainline
magit, but it needs more testing first.

That being said, the code seems to work for everything I'm doing.

 - Stefan Kangas
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