how to setup fresh machine from repository ala joey's home.git

Jan Ptacek jan.ptacek at
Thu Jun 11 20:38:02 CEST 2009


I'm trying to setup home-dir versioning ala Joey Hess,
but it's a bit unclear how is the whole thing bootstraped.

I though that I should manually git clone (mine version of);a=summary
thus obtain the ~/bin/mr and ~/.mrconfig
a then just let 'mr co'  finish it all.

but I've run into a problem, cos I don't know how to git clone (mine)
remote home.git
into my home, cos git gives me
fatal: destination directory already exists.
(and I do not have root access on all machines)

and what is more perplexing to me:
Joey's own .mrconfig specifies following checkout cmd for his home:
order = 1
checkout =
          git clone ssh:// joey
Is he really checking out his home into ~joey/joey ?


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