Deploying VCS-controlled files to home directory

Ben Finney ben at
Sun Jun 22 12:15:41 CEST 2008

Howdy all,

I'm just starting the journey of a home directory in VCS.

Like many others, I intend to keep configuration files ("dot files")
separated into common, roaming configuration, and local, site-specific
configuration, to be combined together on each machine.

For me, this begins with a directory tree to store these "roaming
profile" configuration files, named '$HOME/.roam/'.


Then, each machine is configured with a symlink to that common
"roaming" configuration.

        .screenrc       # has a directive to include '.screen/screenrc'
            screenrc -> ../.roam/.screen/screenrc

My question is: What strategy would you advise to automate deployment
of this to a new machine, and to deploy updates on existing machines
when it changes in the VCS?

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