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Thu Jul 17 20:00:20 CEST 2008

Hi Martin,

I have ran into your git repository while looking for a nice zsh config
to start with. So I got interested in the way you setup management of
the account configuration and projects within mr. I kept
thinking to move my home CVS (at least parts) under similar setup, but I
am lacking the rationale behind few decisions you've made. If you get a
chance, could you either reply to me or describe your setup and typical
workflow in your blog?

now specific questions:

1. why did you decide to go with .fgits and git_fake_bare_checkout. How
do you adjust and propagate your changes in lets say .ssh/config back
into the repository and the rest of the nodes? how could those changes
become MY_ACCOUNT specific

 alternative seems to have .ssh/.git (instead of ssh.git/.{ssh,git}), ie
 explicit clone of ssh.git under home dir, and to allow MY_ACCOUNT
 specific branch within .ssh/ git repository (which gets pushed back to
 repository). That allows easy modification of .ssh/* and immediate
 'reflection' of the change, and later on push into repository (including
 cherry picking into master branch which supposed to be common to all
 the ACCOUNTs)

2. thus what exactly is destined to be kept under account/host specific
configuration under ~/git/accounts/* ? for instance if I need ACCOUNT
specific change in .ssh/config (which is a git_fake_bare_checkout), I
guess I shouldn't add .ssh/config to ~/.git, right?

BTW -- tiny fix for mrsetup is to


also on my attempts mrsetup doesn't complete since 

echo I: setting up base...
$MR_CODE/mr -v co

fails since 
mr checkout: /raid/home/yoh/.fgits/mr.git/ already exists, skipping checkout

since it checked out already as a part of 
echo I: cloning mr configuration...
$MR_CODE/mr co

Thus I replaced it with for now with

echo I: setting up base...
$MR_CODE/mr -v co || echo I: some checkouts were skipped

Thank you in advance for reply
Yaroslav Halchenko
Research Assistant, Psychology Department, Rutgers-Newark
Student  Ph.D. @ CS Dept. NJIT
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        101 Warren Str, Smith Hall, Rm 4-105, Newark NJ 07102
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