git submodules in ~ (was: Introductory git article?)

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also sprach Jens Peter Secher <jpsecher at> [2008.02.17.1252 +0100]:
> I tried various systems, but ended up only moving (and linking)
> private dotfiles like .ssh/ and .gnupg/ in a git submodule.  That
> way I can check out my homedir without the private stuff on an
> insecure machine, as others have described.

The way submodules work is that the parent has a reference to
a specific revision of a submodule. So if you have two machines and
each have a submodule in ~/foo at commit A and you add some commits
to the first ~/foo submodule and push them, you cannot just tell
your ~ on the other machine to update; instead, you have to pull
~/foo and then commit ~ to tell it about the updated submodule.

I personally prefer the mr tool to submodules for this task.

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