Introductory git article?

Casey Link unnamedrambler at
Sat Feb 16 20:53:10 CET 2008


I have been doing a lot of research into putting my home directory
under version control and most of what I have found discusses the
process in terms of Subversion. For me a DVCS is preferable to a
centralized model because I would not have to rely on a central SVN
server off somewhere in the cloud. Is anyone familiar with a good
introductory article to using git as a personal VCS?

One question I had - which doesn't apply only to git - when do you do
your commits? Do you commit after every change, before you logout or
end your "session" (i.e. walk away from the computer), or just
whenever you feel like it?

Another question regarding dotfiles in ~ : if you move your dotfiles
to other directories how do you handle newly installed programs? It
seems like handling that would be a major headache and very time


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