Building a tool to make the process automated

Joey Hess joey at
Wed Jun 13 04:36:44 CEST 2007

Lois Desplat wrote:
> I'm not sure what each file contains, but it seems like revisions are
> written as deltas to an existing revision, making damage to one file
> propagate down through generations. Lack of strong error detection means
> such errors will be undetected by the repository.

joey at wren:/srv/svn/joey/db/revs>grep -a text: 5000
text: 5000 66 80 2650 8805fee0939671f798c2d6d905aaa2a5
text: 5000 173 1032 2240 eab6c1ab1c34ad1e660a25dc0ae568f8
text: 5000 1689 593 593 8202d627bdd1d3190d932f0fae3c96b6
text: 5000 0 40 2905 fc09c7a09edfa584d226355e6f227928
text: 5000 2682 1201 1201 57c4369596efbf07278c9e30a53df122
text: 5000 4085 545 545 50b18db49149a27d31218846d31c62bc
text: 5000 4862 259 259 f10331030f9a85887839787e0a53769b
text: 5000 5283 147 147 835a3369c3949c211f708d749973a4b7

I'm not sure how Keith missed these checksums.

> Obviously the article is about Git, but it does show that SVN has huge
> repository size requirements which is definitely not wanted here.

I have been keeping my home directory in cvs and subversion since, well,
before I wrote the articles, and have accumulated some 12814 revisions
of dotfile and software package maintenance.

joey at wren:/srv/svn/joey>du -s
445M    .

Total size of a checkout of this repo is 60M. Git can be more
efficient, if you get the packing stuff set up right, but this is not
very excessive for 9 years of history, is it?

It's swamped by the repo that contains 3482 revisons of my mail archives

joey at wren:/srv/svn/joey-private>du -s .
1.7G    .

Total size of a checkout of this repo is 1.2G.

see shy jo
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