Building a tool to make the process automated

Martin Fick mogulguy at
Wed Jun 13 04:18:41 CEST 2007

--- Ken Bloom <kbloom at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 June 2007 05:09:40 pm Martin Fick
> wrote:
> > --- Lois Desplat <lois.desplat at> wrote:
> > > Under SVN, how do you make sure that the
> > > repository does not grow too large over the
> > > years? I would assume that after a few years,
> > > you might want to just keep a monthly
> > > granularity of your backups so as to reduce the
> > > size of the repository?
> >
> > svnadmin will allow you to prune your repo.
> >
> > > I do not know how to handle deletion though.
> > > When you delete a file, is it possible to
> > > delete all its version information too. I 
> > > know it is very hard to not possible to do in
> > > Bazaar, how about in SVN?
> >
> > Again, svnadmin will allow you to do this, ...
> How exactly does one do this with svnadmin? 
> Are they both a matter of dump/reload with some
> kind of editing to the dump file in between?

Yes dump/load, but the editing can be done with
svndumpfilter.  With svnadmin you can dump every
sinlge transaction to a separate file (I do this for
backups).  Then, with svndumpfilter you can filter
these files (or you can even pipe through it) based on
a file path.  Pipe the filtered output back into a new
repository and voila you have a copy of the repo sans
the filtered file!




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