Proposing a VCS-Home wiki

Martin Fick mogulguy at
Sat Nov 4 22:16:08 CET 2006

--- Vim Visual <vim.unix at> wrote:

> But "as a reward" I promise to write a detailed web
> site with everything I have learnt and a how-to for
> dummies (like me) to live in svn!

On that note, I would like to propose that we start a
wiki for VCS-Home type of stuff.  I have setup a group
on my personal wiki that we could use for this.  I
figure that we could organize ideas and scripts better
with a wiki than a mailing list.  While I am in no
means suggesting eliminating this list, I just figured
that a wiki wold help us archive and document proposed
solutions that people on the list mention.

The homepage is:

and everything in the VCS-Home group should be
editable without a password.  Please, DO add anything
related to the VCS-Home subject there, you may even
upload scripts if you'd like.  And if anyone asks, yes
it is being archived automatically with subversion. :)
 I will post my scripts there for that eventually.


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