storing binary blobs, or otherwise synching them

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Thu Aug 31 17:45:52 CEST 2006

My ~ is now almost entirely in SVN (although I know that's not
final, I'll likely be moving to bzr 0.10 soon). But this issue
applies regardless:

I am now confronted with directories like the papers I refer to in
my thesis. I regard these as data related to the PhD, but the
directory is also almost 100Mb in size by now, and as they are not
expected to ever change, I am somewhat reluctant to hand them over
to SVN.

However, I need a way to synchronise them between my machines. Given
that centralised storage makes sense when synchronising more than
2 machines, the alternative would be a central directory and unison,
but then I might just use the repository... the only thing detering
me is that I probably want to remove a paper now and then, and it's
not possible to do so with SVN in a way that frees storage space, so
the SVN repository is thus ever-increasing in size.

I guess I am not looking for answers, just thoughts. How do you
approach this challenge?

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