Maildir in Subversion

Joerg Lange joerg.lange at
Sat Aug 12 21:59:57 CEST 2006


I am wondering if it makes sense to store emails in a Maildir in a versioned

I had my personal data in a CVS repository for years now, last month
I changed to SVN. I use Windows mostly, Linux only rarely. However, I have
set up Courier IMAP on a server and I am thinking about moving my email
archives from Outlook PST files to that IMAP account and have a cron job on
the server do a "svn add" periodically.

Issues I found:
- Outlook as well as Thunderbird show an "svn" directory... Maybe that can
be filtered out somehow in Courier, didnt check
- Courier creates some "courierimap*" files. Do they need to be "backed up"
or will they just get recreated in case of a backup restore?
- I saw that the linux file name of an email changes when I set the message
status to "read" or "unread". I dont see an obvious solution for this, "svn
update" would restore the old file...
- SVNs "add" command ignores hidden files by default, Courier creates hidden
dirs, so need to use svn add attached to "find"..

 I dont feel happy about all this yet. Maybe its still "saver" to just burn
the Outlook ".pst" files to a DVD here and there.

How did you solve it? Any hints would help.


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