Back home, safe and well...

Christian PERRIER bubulle at
Sat Mar 27 14:12:10 CET 2010

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> Of course, you can imagine I was amazed by each and every street
> corner. And I really was. BKK is such an exciting and amazing place,
> with surprises everywhere for newcomers. So, I ended up walking over
> 19km in a day (my GPS watch recorded that and it makes indeed a very
> nice set of data for OpenStreetMap....I'll post an URL later on, with
> my full "travel"). Of course, I went to the "big places" such as Wat

Walking in Bangkok:

Running in Lumpini Park:

Running with Chatchai:

Stadium running:

And, last but not least, *flying from Paris to Bangkok*:

(nice to see where actually one can fly over)

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